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Beyond epic Pesach about to happen on the Island of Mali Losinj, Croatia.  The travel king, Eli Slomovits of E&S Tours called us in to capture the moments (and man- there will be some)

Details to follow!

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Costa Rica Sunset


Breath-taking place.  Who wants to go?  On the top of the “to-do” list is a photo shoot in Costa Rica. The place is epic.  It drips with beauty.  Drone shots over the water.  Sailing.  Scuba diving imagery with the bride and groom.  I’m ready.

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Carpe Diem “Seize the Day”

Our lives are really just a series of sequential moments flying by.  As visual artists we are in the unique and fortunate position to not only grab onto some of those moments, but to capture them, enhance them and preserve them.  The big picture is the value of our creations here and now, and more importantly the worth as time passes.  Our memories in life are either when we are making them or reliving them.  In fact, many times the reliving part is actually more fun then when it really happened.  This is where we come in.

Other vendors have a stake in the day of the event.  The archival value of video is the future.  We are the ones responsible for your memories after the day of the wedding, for the rest of your lives, and generations to follow.  Imagine your kid’s kid’s find a photo of Great Grandpa in a drawer fifty years from now.  Even if that photo captures his spirit in all it’s glory, and was shot by the ace photographer of their time, the only information these kids will receive is that this is what Zeidy looked like.  Now if they find a DVD ( after they figure out what the thing is?) and they see him dancing, and talking, and laughing, they will not only know what he looked like, but what he was like.  Here’s an example, we all know the famous passport picture of the Chofetz Chaim zl., when the 90 year old film surfaced last year, we saw in those few seconds, a glimpse of what he was like.

Think about it, awedding is not just a wedding, but a family reunion!  We are family historians!  We allow people to relive some of the most important memories of their lives.  And we are really the first generation who can pass our memories on in this form.  Memories can be passed along in the spoken word, through the written word, through photographs, but the most accurate and emotional way of passing memories is through high definition film.  We are in an important and privileged position to be the ones who are responsible for this.  The value of a well done film is certainly not only in the immediate joy that it will bring.  And we know through personal experience how important those memories are in the end.  It’s what people grasp onto, it is what gives them strength, it is what makes sense out of their lives.  And when our work gives this kind of comfort to our clients, they realize the importance of what we do, and it is those moments of appreciation that make us proud and grateful to HK’BH for this career.


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What did you say?

Walking around with your fingers in your ears at weddings? Try this.  If the music is unbearably loud: hum.  This will drop the music decibel level by about ten points.  If that doesn’t work, come over and ask me for a pair of ear plugs.  I usually carry extras.

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How to Look Great in Portraits

When you know that there might be a photographer around, do you break into a cold sweat?  Do you shake?  Do you duck behind the nearest bush or crawl under a table?

You are not alone.

In fact, you are one of the millions of people that hate to have their picture taken.

And if it makes you feel better, those models in the magazines need help.  Before a photographer snaps the shutter, the hair stylist and makeup artist have done their magic.

This article is in response to people asking about better picture taking.  I put to together a few ideas that might make you look better and more comfortable in pictures.  Our photographers know how to use lighting and angles to bring out your best.  This is for the amateur Abbas making family memories.

First and foremost in my book is to relax.  Faces reveal a lot about what’s going on inside.   Someone who is stressed will transmit that stress in a photograph. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, relax every muscle in your face, and then picture yourself in a favorite vacation spot!  It may sound crazy, but people are always happier with there photos after performing that quick and easy relaxation technique.

Harsh sunlight can be tough on people.  Few people look good squinting.  Also, the sun’s hard light will show more texture and form unattractive, deep shadows.  Open shade or a soft window will usually produce the best photographs of people.  As long as light casts soft, pleasing shadows that show the shape of the face, you’ll get a pleasing result.

Regarding makeup: less is more.  The sublime “chein” of a Yiddishe panim shouldn’t be covered.

If you tend to look heavy in photos, it is not your fault.  The camera notoriously adds at least ten pounds.  It’s good to remember that darker colors recede and lighter colors attract attention. Also, angle yourself to the person shooting.  Never stand straight to the shooter.  When posing, remember another simple rule: if it’s a joint, bend it!  Just a subtle bend of arms and legs will eliminate stiffness.  It will make you look relaxed, natural and thinner.  Last, but not least, props can be used to accentuate the positive and hide any negative.

The reason one takes a picture is to capture that fleeting moment, to memorialize that slice of time for eternity.  If you remember these tips the next time a camera will be around, you’ll find it easier to smile and be happy.  Go ahead, you look great!


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Future-Proof Films/ No Regrets

A young couple, deciding whether or not to include professional video in their budget.  I asked them to imagine owning a film of their grandparents wedding day how much it would mean to them.  The bride replied that her grandparents did indeed hire a professional to record a 16mm film of their wedding.  I offered to buy it from her, and asked her for a price.  She said, “I could never part with that film, it’s our family history and probably one of the most important things that I’ll ever own.”  That was precisely the point.  Having a professional wedding film produced will provide joy to your family now, and for generations to come.

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11 Reasons


1. Guaranteed lifetime prints.

2. We post process every individual picture for that extra color “pop”, photojournalistic black and white, or that “artsy” special treatment.

3. Online images that are password protected, for out-of-town guests.

4. Images are protected in a cloud based platform.

5. Never leave home. From UPS delivery, to online album selection, the only place you’ll need to be, is at the wedding.

6. Museum-quality enlargements.

7. Custom-designed albums representing modern sleeklooks.

8. Completely unobtrusive,  (discreet is our middle name)

9. Available for travel- farthest to date (Israel).

10. 27 Years experience, means we have seen it all.

11. About 30 minutes or less to get you in dancing, caterers love us, your guests love us, and you’ll love us.

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Jewish Museum in Philadelphia

On a Chol H’moed trip to The Jewish Museum in Philadelphia we were pleasantly suprised.

We saw two Simchavision bride and groom images on the wall -in all their glory.

The curator requested permission.  The exhibit was “Diversity in Jewish Weddings”

Feels good when your images are museum quality.

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Timeless Black and White

Black-and white photography is just perfect for catching sincere, exceptional moments that are flooded with emotions.   Emotion and style when coupled with spontaneity, then lack of color is a force multiplier.    The thing is that vibrant colors already grab a lot of attention and we, consequently, don’t take notice of real emotions and meaningful tiny details, like deep shadows and texture.  We use this timeless style at certain points in the wedding day.  Black and White imagery look fantastic in bridal prep moments.


These are timeless images  (the old phone numbers in the images are not)


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A Thing of Beauty

All the planning.  All the details.  All the anticipation comes to a climax when you’re walking off the chuppah with your other half.  The day that “you and I” officially become “we”.

In that one dizzying moment the rules of physics were suspended and time stood still.  This is the dreamlike moment you want to keep fresh in your heart.  Your wedding video unlocks all this joy whenever you watch it.

Your wedding video is only as good as the people who create it.  Our wedding videos are exquisite… and it’s not just because we have better equipment.  You’ll experience sensitivity and artistry when you view a wedding video created by us.  We capture the beauty of your wedding dreams to keep the happiest day of your life alive forever.  Discover the joy of placing your wedding day in the hands of a professional.  Life should always be this joyful.

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